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Extralink Apollo Managed Fiber Switch
16 / 05 / 2018

Extralink Apollo Managed Fiber Switch

Extralink Apollo Managed Fiber Switch is a 8-PORTS managed 1000BaseFX Fiber SFP switch with one additional uplink port RJ-45/1000SFP operating in COMBO mode.

Extralink Apollo Managed Fiber Switch technical specification


Extralink Apollo Managed Fiber Switch is equipped with large number of practical features, for instance:

Extralink Apollo Managed Fiber Switch features


Extralink Apollo has some very important advantages:
  • Supports SFP modules on a hot-plug
  • 100% compatible with other fiber optic switches
  • 100% compatible with media converters, and other devices equipped with SFP ports
  • Works with various types of SFP modules, such as single-mode, multi-mode and WDM ones

Extralink Apollo is an ideal device for use in networks and systems based on FTTx (e.g. FTTH, FTTB). However, the biggest advantage of using such fiber optic switches is their versatility. In situation where you need to change something in the network, you only need to select appropriate SFP module without replacing the device. It is also important that the maximum distance of a transmission is determined by used SFP type and fiber.

This type of SFP switch is a great option for a variety of security, alarm and electrical systems or information flow.

Extralink Apollo fiber switch can be also used in place where you want to physically isolate the office network from production machines management and monitoring.

Extralink Apollo Managed Fiber Switch diagram


In the example above, the network was built using the following devices and components:

Extralink Apollo Managed Fiber Switch components


Thanks to VLANs, you can physically isolate particular segments of your network very quickly, which nowadays is more and more useful. When you send or receive important configuration data intended for CNC machines or you monitor your company and you want to secure these data from office staff or other people- Extralink Apollo is a perfect solution.

The device is equipped with very clear and intuitive graphical interface, to which you have access through a web browser. This solution allows in a quick and easy way to configure a switch. Of course, the device can also be managed from the level of Telnet and CLI line.

You log in as follows:

  • Open e.g. Putty terminal, enter the IP address of, select- Connection type “Telnet” and click “Open”
  • Log in as “root” with password “root”, then type “enable” and type password “admin”. Now, you have access to configuration through the CLI

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