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15 / 05 / 2018

Test of Extralink Tytan GPON 4GE/2POTS/WI-FI

Here we present subsequent tests of EXTRALINK devices from a new line of their products. This time we deal with GPON/4GE/POTS/WIFI EXTRALINK, named TYTAN.

First of all, GPON is the latest generation of PON network. Protocol used in the GPON standard is ITU-T G984. GPON standard differs from other PON standards that it achieves higher throughput and performance, using larger packets of variable wavelength.

GPON offers efficient encapsulation, using frame segmentation. It allows better quality of services which tend to lag e.g. voice transmission or video. GPON network provides the reliability and performance, which helps a lot in business solutions. It also enables the delivery of housing services like telephone, television and Internet, in a very attractive way.

ONT GPON TYTAN  FD614GW is a CPE unit, which makes it ideal for FTTH/FTTO networks. It enables data transmission i.e. voice and video in HD. TYTAN operates on Broadcom chipset, which supports two POTS ports, four Gigabit Ethernet ports and Wi-Fi interface working in 802.11 n/b/g standard.

The test of EXTRALINK TYTAN GPON/4GE/POTS/WIFI has been mainly done in order to check its performance, functionality of hardware and software, and compatibility with the LMS platform.

All performed tests are consistent with the technical standards of GPON devices.

The description of units, network diagram

Tests were carried out using the following equipment:

testing equipment

Network diagram:


Network diagram

Hardware productivity:


Hardware productivity

Hardware durability:


Hardware durability


Bandwidth test (Speed test)

Bandwidth was tested by using two TYTAN GPON/4GE/POTS/WIFI, two Mikrotiks RouterBoard CCR1036-12G-4S-RM and OLT ZTE C300. The measurements were carried out by using the Mikrotik Bandwidth Test mechanism and public bandwidth Speedtest (within obtaining real bandwidth).

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